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Martha Miller and her husband quit their “secure” jobs to move overseas, complete an education, experience another culture, and change the course of their lives.

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“… a delightful, witty, and intimate account of a real Italian adventure…readers will feel like they’re right there with them, enjoying the ride.”

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My husband and I are not trust-fund babies or self-made millionaires, but like many people, we dreamed of living abroad.

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Recently, Martha and her husband, John, sat down with "Mike the Wine Guy" on his show, "The Good Life." The weekly radio program delves into food, wine, travel, and lifestyle stories. Martha talked about her book "Times New Roman: How We Quit Our Jobs, Gave Away Our Stuff & Moved to Italy" and the background leading up to the decision to leave good-paying jobs and live abroad. During the program, Martha discusses the origins of their adventure: "...we were both in the same mindset of saving and staying out of debt. And we said 'We're not going to touch our retirement funds because that's just crazy!'... We needed a plan." Hear the couple discuss more of their preparations, the move,...

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Times New Roman book

Times New Roman is a true account of lifelong dreams to live abroad, experience another culture, complete an education and alter two career paths.  When Martha first met John she overheard him musing about quitting his job and living in a box on a beach in Mexico. She was immediately skeptical, but secretly intrigued. Fast forward two years and they are enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico. Before marrying, they had discussed the “box on the beach” idea endlessly. The “box” was upgraded to a more stable dwelling and European countries were included in their pool of choices. They had enough money saved to bum around for a while, but then what? John was 42 and Martha was 37, too old to...

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